Tips for choosing cyclist shoes

Many cyclists wear cycling shoes for several hours every day, and on weekends they are not taken off all day. In the case of poorly fitting shoes, within an hour of driving you will be provided with burning toes, numb feet, calluses and other unpleasant sensations that will instantly cross out all the good things that can be experienced while riding a bicycle. After that, you don't even want to look at your beloved bike, let alone ride all day. For further info, click here: best road bike shoes

A couple of such unpleasant trips, and you yourself will understand everything that is described below and buy yourself high-quality, comfortable and suitable shoes for your feet. Or you can immediately listen to these tips and avoid such unpleasant situations, while saving your nerves, money and time.

So, let's begin:

Cycling shoes are the most important piece of sports cycling equipment, so their choice must be taken with the utmost seriousness and care.

Choose only well-known brands like Scott, Sidi, Shimano, Specialized, Mavic, etc.

Do not buy the most budgetary shoes, in which the manufacturer made a compromise to reduce the price by degrading important properties.

The selected model must definitely fit exactly in size and last. The wrong shoe or the wrong size can lead to so much pain in your feet over time that you won't want to go anywhere. And then it will not matter what a gorgeous bike you have if you take off your shoes and sit on the side of the road.

You can buy only after careful fitting. We advise you to try on as many options as possible in order to choose the most suitable block in width, length and shape. If you don't feel comfortable enough in all the models of the manufacturer you like, choose another brand. Different models differ significantly in the last, especially from different manufacturers. Some manufacturers' pads may not fit your foot completely despite being perfectly sized, while for another cyclist it will be the perfect last.

If the model does not fit even a little, do not buy, try other options. Here the expression "spread" does not work! Discomfort during fitting, however slight, while riding can lead to serious problems.

Never blindly buy cycling shoes based on the size of your regular casual shoes! The size of cycling shoes may differ from the usual ones by several units, even by 1.5-2, usually in a larger direction. And do not be surprised that the size that suits you will be larger than your usual one. For example, if you wear regular sneakers of 43 sizes, then cycling shoes may be 44, or 44.5, or even 45 sizes.

The size chart of different brands may vary by several sizes.

Manufacturers sometimes modify their cycling shoes, and not only the shape of the last can change, but sometimes even the dimensional grid. One and the same model of different years of production may well differ by 0.5 sizes.

The outsole should be made of carbon fiber or other high quality composite materials with a high stiffness index. It transmits pedal force better and lasts longer.

Buy shoes only in large stores, which have a wide range of models, where they can be tried on, and in which case they can be returned.

Do not buy online, because you won't be able to try on. It's another matter when a large sports department store has its own online store. Then you can view all the options through the Internet catalog and make a preliminary selection. And then, come to the department store and measure everything that you liked in order to choose the right shoe and size.

Do not buy used

Don't forget to choose the right socks to match your shoes. Socks do not play a special role in budget shoes with a soft liner that smooths out the nuances. In high-end shoes, which are usually stiff enough, every little thing counts, good socks will help you perfectly match your foot with the shoes.

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